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Sonic Vaporizer - וייפורייזר נייד סוניק

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  • Sonic Vaporizer - וייפורייזר נייד סוניק
  • Sonic Vaporizer - וייפורייזר נייד סוניק
  • Sonic Vaporizer - וייפורייזר נייד סוניק
  • Sonic Vaporizer - וייפורייזר נייד סוניק
  • Sonic Vaporizer - וייפורייזר נייד סוניק
  • Sonic Vaporizer - וייפורייזר נייד סוניק
  • Sonic Vaporizer - וייפורייזר נייד סוניק


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Please Note: NamasteVapes no longer carries the Sonic Vaporizer. We recommend the DaVinci Vaporizer as an alternative for superior performance and reliability.

The Sonic Vaporizer has arrived. Meet the newest and most efficient portable vaporizer ever created. This sleek and portable unit is revolutionizing the vaporizer industry with it's advanced heating technology and precise temperature control system. Unlike many other portable vapes that struggle to produce vapor, Sonic is one of the best handheld vaporizers for creating large clouds of pure and flavorful vapor. It also features a ceramic heating chamber that ensures you're receiving only the cleanest and best quality vapor.


The Sonic Vaporizer utilizes an advanced ceramic heating chamber that vaporizes your dried aromatherapy blends with maximum efficiency. Unlike many other vaporizers that only heat half your blend, the Sonic employs superior heating technology to ensure your aromatherapy blend it heated evenly and efficiently. This allows for the user to receive the best quality vapor possible.


There's no waiting around with the Sonic Vaporizer. This advanced unit is capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures within 30 seconds. Simply load your dried aromatherapy into the heating chamber, set your vaporizing temperature, and your ready to start vaporizing within seconds.


The Sonic Vaporizer employs a precise temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature with incredible accuracy. Simply adjust the heating temperature higher or lower with the push of a button.


With only 3 buttons to utilize, the Sonic Vaporizer is extremely user-friendly and requires very little maintenance. Simply turn the unit on, set your preferred vaporizing temperature, and slowly inhale through the mouthpiece to begin enjoying your high-quality vapor.


The Sonic Vaporizer features a compact design that makes it very easy to transport and use in virtually any setting. It's small enough to fit inside your pocket or purse and it utilizes a removable mouthpiece for extra convenience.


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